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Who Can Volunteer?

Who Can Volunteer?

  • He is the one who says that only I do not live in this world and thinks about the other.
  • He is the one who brings goodness wherever his eyes can see, where his hand can reach, where his tongue can reach, where his feet reach.
  • He is the one who does not see the world as consisting of only human beings, and gives all kinds of rights to life to things, nature, plants and animals.
  • He who stands against evil is one who stands with goodness.
  • Although his body occupies its own volume, his heart is one that surrounds the whole world with goodness.
  • He is the one who always keeps the goodness alive in the world where evil, injustice, oppression and death are rampant.
  • He is the one who lights a candle against the darkness, gives hope to the despairing, and gives determination to the debilitated.
  • Aaron next to Moses; Opposite Cain is Abel.
  • Şems-i Tabrizi next to Mevlana; Opposite Nemrut is İbrahim.
  • Volunteer is a loyal friend in Hira to the master of goodness, orphans...
  • Volunteer, you are the ones who keep the goodness movement alive...

How Can I Volunteer?

Goodness Association, which has adopted the motto of spreading goodness in the world, continues the goodness movement with the efforts of you, our valuable volunteers. You call our movement a train of goodness, we call it a caravan of goodness. We know that the goodness movement sets out with its fellow citizens, shares its littleness with its fellow citizens, and takes care of its fellow citizens with the motto "the greatest favor is the one we do for ourselves".

Volunteers of the goodness movement can become a volunteer either by filling out the volunteer form or by coming to our association service building. Even if you are in another province or country, you can become our volunteer by filling out the online volunteer form.

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