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    Africa is a wealthy continent, like its name, a fortunate black continent. With your support, we can put a smile on the faces of these brothers and we can be hope for their future.

    With the Dairy Goats campaign, we aim to provide a permanent source of income to a family by gifting them with 3 dairy goats and to contribute to their livelihood. Dairy goat campaign is a very important project for us in terms of "teaching how to fish" and providing a permanent source of livelihood.

    Thanks to the dairy goat donations you will make to our association, African families will look to the future with confidence. Their self-confidence and confidence will increase.

    The cost of 3 dairy goats, which we have planned in order to contribute to the livelihood of a family and to make livestock in the medium term, is 4.500 TL. In other words, the cost of each goat is 1500 TL. You can donate one, three or as many dairy goats as you wish. Dairy goats are determined from among their families, especially orphans, widows and those whose poverty is clearly evident, by making careful and on-site determinations. Gifted goats are registered after they are delivered by the officials of our association and are followed for a long time by African partner organizations and authorities.

    As the Goodness Association, we delivered more than 20 thousand dairy goat donations to our African brothers on behalf of our donors.

    Within the scope of the project, while the dairy goats are delivered to the families, photos are taken with the name plates with the names of the donors and sent to our donors via SMS.

    You can donate dairy goats using the following methods;


    To donate a Dairy Goat, you can donate using the online donation panel on our website.


    In your donations made by wire transfer/EFT method, you should indicate which donation project you support by writing “Name-Surname, Telephone Number and Dairy Goat” in the explanation section.


    For detailed information, you can reach our association by calling 0 850 777 33 44 and get detailed information from our colleagues.

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