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Charity Donation

Charity Donation

We deliver your donations to those in need.

Every good deed done for the sake of Allah, classified as material and spiritual, is accepted as charity. The Qur'an also states the following about what charity should be given: O you who believe! Spend in the way of Allah the best of what you have earned and what We have brought out for you from the earth. Do not try to give things that you will not receive without condoning yourself, and know that Allah is rich in every way, worthy of praise. (Baccarat 2/267)

Goodness Association; It carefully examines those in need so that you can fulfill your religious obligations such as charity. In addition, you can decide in which project and aid scope your charity will be used, and you can deliver your charity to those in real need in the direction you want, through the Goodness Association.

To donate to the charity, you can make your donation using the online donation panel on our website.

In your donations made by wire transfer/EFT method, you should indicate which donation project you support by writing “Phone Number and Charity” in the explanation section.

For detailed information, you can reach our association by calling 0 850 777 33 44 and get detailed information from our colleagues.

Charity Donation

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