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Special Day Meal Donations

Special Day Meal Donations


On your behalf, we organize meals for your Wedding, Engagement, Mevlit and special days in orphanages in Africa and in villages struggling with hunger, poverty and poverty. We wish to make up for these special days with the joy of the oppressed, and with your donation, we make them smile by eating a bowl of hot food. We also promise to convey their joy to you.

You can make children smile with a food donation of 100 people for Africa, and you can turn your bitterness into joy for the world and the hereafter with the smiling faces and blessings of those in need.

With such a special dinner invitation, you can donate 13 thousand TL to cause goodness and goodness. If you specify the type of donation in the explanation section of the donation, we can customize the dining organization with the tarpaulin to be prepared in line with the information given in the dinner invitation.

In order to make a donation, you can do it from the online donation page on our website or by EFT / Money Transfer method; You can make a donation of 10 thousand TL under the relevant donation title through your bank.

For detailed information, you can contact our call center by calling our center on 0 850 777 33 44.

Special Day Meal Donations

Sizin adınıza Düğün, Nişan, Mevlit ve özel günleriniz için Afrika’daki yetimhanelerde, açlıkla, yoklukla, yoksullukla mücadele eden köylerde y...

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