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General Donation

General Donation

The Goodness Association, whose roots go back 40 years, is a non-governmental organization that was established in 2009 and gained the identity of a national/international aid organization with its ordinary general assembly meeting in 2013.

The field of activity of the Goodness Association; natural disasters, man-made disasters, wars, hunger, thirst and all kinds of emergency aid includes people in need of help. The Goodness Association, whose field of activity is not limited to humanitarian aid, and continues to work on education, culture and civilization, has reached millions of people with the humanitarian aid activities it has carried out since its establishment.

You can make a cash donation to the Goodness Association, which carries out its activities with the strength it receives from its donors, and support its activities.

To make a general donation to our association, you can make your donation by using the online donation panel on our website.

In your donations made by wire transfer/EFT method, you should indicate which donation project you support by writing “Phone Number and General Donation” in the explanation section.

For detailed information, you can reach our association by calling 0 850 777 33 44 and get detailed information from our colleagues.

General Donation

Acil yardım konusunda gerçekleştirdiğimiz faaliyetlerimizle ihtiyaç sahiplerine yardımlarınızı ulaştırmaya devam ediyoruz.

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