As the Goodness Association, we slaughter your votive, Akika and Thanksgiving qurbans in our country and in many countries of the world with your power of attorney in accordance with Islamic methods and distribute them to our poor brothers.

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    In the form below, the name, surname and telephone information of the person who will be sacrificed is required, please fill in completely. If you fill in the phone information completely, we inform the person via sms after the sacrifice.
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      On behalf of the above-mentioned person, I give my power of attorney to sacrifice, slaughter, cut and distribute the meat.


      The sacrifice that is sacrificed for the purpose of gratitude for the newborn child is called "Akika". It is mustahab to sacrifice an Akika sacrifice. In the animal to be slaughtered as an Akika sacrifice, the conditions sought for other sacrifices are sought.

      Although the Akika sacrifice can be sacrificed from the day of birth to puberty, it is more virtuous to sacrifice it on the seventh day of birth.

      Anyone, including the victim, can benefit from the flesh and skin of the Akika victim.


      It is obligatory for a person to sacrifice an animal. If the person attributes this vow to the fulfillment of a condition, he must stop it when this condition is fulfilled. From the meat of the votive sacrifice, the owner of the votive, his wife, son and family (their parents, grandparents, children and grandchildren from his own generation) cannot eat, nor can those who are outside of these and rich. If he or one of these people ate it, he gives the fair value of the eaten meat to the poor (Zeylaî, Tebyînü'l-Hakaik, Cairo 1313, VI, 8; İbn Nüceym, Bahru'r-raik, VIII, 199-203; Ömer Nasuhi Bilmen, Büyük Islamic Catechism, p. 413).


      A person can sacrifice a thank-you qurban for reaching a desired goal or attaining a blessing. Their owners can also eat the meat of these victims.

      Since the pilgrims perform the Hajj and Umrah together in the same season, the sacrifices they sacrifice are also called gratitude sacrifices.

      As the Goodness Association, we deliver your votive - akika - gratitude sacrifices, which we have slaughtered in accordance with Islamic methods, to those in need. After the sacrifice is done, we send the images of the sacrifice via SMS.

      Ovine animals are slaughtered in Turkey and Syria, and bovine animals are slaughtered in African countries.

      Sacrifice share price for Africa: 1400 TL

      Sacrifice share price for Turkey and Syria: 2750 TL

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